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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The DIY Bride, leads on Deals we have found.

Coffee Wedding Favors

Coffee Wedding Favor

The coffee wedding favor is gaining in popularity. This can be due in part to the availability of flavored or gourmet coffee, or because of the many ideas available. If you’re looking for wedding favor ideas, you might consider a coffee wedding favor.

Coffee Wedding Favor Ideas:
Coffee Mugs– The great thing about coffee mugs is they come in different styles, ranging from cozy to elegant. They can also be imprinted to commemorate the special day, or even with the Happy Couple’s picture.

Why it is in your best interest to hire a Wedding Day Coordinator

We found this post on I could tell you all the reasons why I hired a DOC (Day of Coordinator) for my June 2011 wedding, but here is a story from a Bride who regrets not having a DOC. This is only part of "Mrs. Penguin's" Blog, you can find the entire postHERE
With Pleasure we present DOC-Less and Regretful
"Despite almost every bee before me advising that their day of coordinator was one of the best investments they made in their weddings, I just refused to listen.

The Perfect Bow

The Perfect Bow
During this time of year we all tie lots of bows! But do you know how to tie the perfect bow? we found a great step by step on how to tie, just the perfect bow!
Bow 1
1. Measure ribbon by wrapping the ribbon around the box twice. It is helpful to use a sharp pair of scissors when trimming your edges. Make sure to leave enough ribbon so you can trim the edges again, if necessary, after your bow is tied.
Bow 2
2. Tighten the ribbon around the box and with your right hand pull the length of ribbon on the left over and under to create a single tie, as you would when tying your shoe.

DIY Brides....Chargers for $1.25 at Old Time Pottery

While looking for helpful tips for our DIY Brides; I came across the Old Time Pottery add...and found chagers for only $1.25!!! I am thinking a trip to Parma is just what my holiday table is calling for! They also have glassware for a very reasonable cost too.
Here is the link to the add
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