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Congratulations on your upcoming event and we here at Rain Wedding Planning look forward to talking to you about making your dream wedding come true. If you have any questions not covered below, please call or email one our Wedding Consultants we are more then happy to help you get started.

Question : Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Answer :

I once read a quote that said “A planner is your friend, your guide and your expert”. This couldn't be more correct. When you begin planning, there is so much that it is just overwhelming. So many questions, like “where do I start”, “who do I call”, “when should things be done”. All these questions will be answered by your planner. At Rain Wedding Planning, we do countless hours of training and research so that we are completely up on what is current and popular, as well as all the time honored traditions.

Question : Why Should I pick Rain Wedding Planning?

Answer :

As you look at planners and what they offer, you will see that most have the same basic plan, what makes the difference is the amount of time they have to spend on your wedding, their ability to take your ideas and turn them into the wedding of your dreams and their enthusiasm for your event. This is our fulltime business, not part time, not a side line or a hobby. We will always have a quick response time to any questions and be available to discuss your ideas and plans.

While planning her own wedding, Meredith Masaveg, owner; made the decision to hire a Wedding Planner for "Day of Coordination" and understands how you feel better than most anyone. This is YOUR wedding day, you just want to enjoy it.

Question : How can I be assured that this will be my wedding and not the planner’s idea of a wedding?

Answer :

We know that every bride has either a total plan for her ideal wedding or at the very least an idea of what she wants. We will work with you to make this dream come true. We will work with the vendors you chose, or help you choose from vendors we are familiar with. We do not have any “deals” worked out with vendors that we will try to push on you. It is our job to make sure that you make informed decisions with the vendors you choose. You need to feel comfortable that your dreams will be carried out by these vendors. We will work within your budget, helping you make the decisions that best fit your dream and your budget.

Question : How does a first meeting with you work?

Answer :

When you decide you are interested in working with us, you may either call or email and we will be glad to set up a convenient appointment time to get together.

Please bring any ideas and questions you have with you. We will have you fill out a brief registration form; spend some time discussing your plans and the time schedule you are working in.

Question : What happens next, if we do book with you?

Answer :

If you decide to book with us, a deposit is required with the remainder of the balance due 7 days before the wedding. At booking you will fill out a contract and a complete registration form. You decided if you want the Full Service package or Month of Planning package. If you have decided on the Full Service Package we will discuss what you need to be working on, possible vendors and budget plans. We will go over some timelines and checklists. As you move forward with your plans, we will help you book appointments with your vendors, attend appointments, ask the questions that need to be asked. We will help you make sure the plan is coming together just the way you want. If you have decided on Month of Planning Package only, we will make plans to meet twice before your wedding to go over your plans and vision for your wedding day. And then we will do everything possible to make your day go smoothly, appear effortless and stress free.

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